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  • It's the physical manipulation of muscle tissue and fascia of the body used to increase blood flow, as well as stimulate energy and organ systems. Massage therapies include remedial massage, reflexology, shiatsu, trigger point therapy, and exercise therapy. Massage therapists apply these massage therapies to reduce muscular tension and aches and pains, while improving healing abilities and the general sense of health and wellbeing.



    Enter the realm of physical health – and the ancient healing arts of massage therapy and reflexology. Learn how to apply your magic touch to boost the health and wellbeing of others. Massage therapists work in one of the highest growth sectors in the natural health and wellness industry. They apply their healing hands to relieve stress and tension through remedial massage, reflexology, shiatsu, trigger point therapy and exercise therapy. Study physical health at ACNT, and gain the specialist skills to become a practitioner of physical health which is balanced by an internationally-recognised qualification. At the same time, acquire a solid foundation in medical science, including anatomy and physiology to progress your health career.



    Remedial massage is a healing treatment used to relax tense muscles while improving the body's repair mechanisms. Remedial massage uses advanced massage techniques to treat a variety of ailments related to the musculoskeletal system. Remedial massage practitioners offer a comprehensive treatment to address the underlying cause of many musculoskeletal problems.

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    Therapeutic needs don't only vary from person-to-person, but also from day-to-day. That's why Massage Envy offers a variety massage types to choose from. With variations in pressure, technique, areas of focus and desired outcome, every visit is a chance to find your new favorite massage. 1) Can you tell us a more...